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how to set up a new web page in business catalyst

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 by thomas young

Hi. Here are instructions on how to set up a new web page in business catalyst. First thing you will need to do is log into your admin site. Type in your website backslash and admin - it should look like this You will then enter your username and password. You will then access the back end of your site and see a panel to the left that looks like this

Don't worry if your pallet does not look the same. Depending on what type of hosting you selected for your business you may see less options in your pallet. Click on Site Manager then click on Pages

Click on Add Page you should see

There's a couple of things going on here so lets take a look at page details to start.

You will enter a page name here. So if you wanted a page for news links you would name the page news. The page URL will update itself to say Folder is not something you would use often unless you are restricting access to this page so leave this blank. Templates, leave the default. In most cases the site will use default because this is the basic structure of your site and will look like all the other pages of your site. Next is the SEO Metadata...

The page title will fill itself in when you give the page a title in the page details view. The page description is very important to search bots to understand what you are writing about. So building off the news links we might want to say something like "a listing of local news citing service or product". Next is More Options...

301 redirect is exactly that a redirect to a different webpage. You could use this to redirect to  a site that handles your news links if desired. Probably not the best example but you could set a webpage to Facebook and redirect to your Facebook page. A more likely scenario is a redirect to a purchase site like In any case you would most likely skip this and move on to release date. Set this to a date you want this page to be active. Expiry date you would set to when you want the page to expire. Enable will enable More Options or disable those few options. Role responsibility and workflow are for cases in a business where you need to have someone oversee the pages being released to the public. This requires some changes to site settings. For the time being we can leave this as is. Next is the page content

You will enter your content in this box. The pallet at the top is similar to that of Word. Although you don't want to copy and paste directly from word because this would cause issues with the look and layout of the page. There is clipboard with a W on it that indicates paste from Word. This will strip the formatting and keep your site looking good. There is a toolbox to the right which is for the modules you have for your site, again you may not have as many depending on your hosting solution you chose.

A few things to keep in mind that while you are working with the default template sometimes you may get unexpected results on your page. As a designer I work HTML and know that you are probably missing some code to wrap the copy and content holder coding. The simple solution is to look at another page's HTML tab (located next to the design tab lower left of page content window) that is already done to see if you are missing code. Also, I'm here to help answer your questions and better yet consider a maintenance plan with your contract so you are not stuck trying to figure out what's missing.

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