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Tom Young

The right position

Posted on Thursday, February 05, 2015 by thomas young

Putting the right people in the right position in your business will help you succeed. As you interview for your next hire you need to be up front with that employee and why they are being brought on to your team. It's about making money and helping our clients make money. The folks that work with me are clear on our objective and we discuss weekly what will help our clients online business and bring in the next customer.

Recently, I had an issue with an employee that was stressing out about how to manage the workload. I realize quickly that I needed to step in to calm this person and reorganize their responsibilities. After our conversation I could see the weight lifted and they moved on smoothly with the next few projects.   

As I watch this business grow I want to make sure I hire the right people and develop them to be strong leaders. I make a promise now to do so.

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