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What is CMS?

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015 by thomas young

CMS stands for Content Management System. You should think about your content, its lifecycle and how to better utilize this content to communicate effectively. Lifecycle is just a fancy way of saying start to finish. Here are five steps to controlling your sites content: analyze, content creation, editing, publishing and archiving. Once you have given these steps consideration you should be able to develop a content strategy that allows you to better utilize your sites content.

Lets dig a little deeper, say I own a fitness business and I post daily to my FaceBook or Twitter accounts and update my website with shots of new equipment or people using the equipment. That's a quick analysis of my content. The next step is content creation and thinking about meta tagging or categorizing your data. Why? adding a meta tag to your content is like tagging someone on your FaceBook page. That person you just tagged will get notified. Well the same applies to search engines. Consider this a step toward your SEO strategy. So, I post on my site "New equipment for members and a %10 discounts on products" - I want to tag what type of equipment/products and a short description. After that you will edit this content. This is a good idea and often overlooked. How many times has auto correct changed what you are trying to say? "New equipment for meters and a 10% disown on products". Then on to publishing which the previous steps will help identify what, when and where your content will go. I will use FaceBook and Twitter for audience reach but I want a coupon on my website and a splash page for those who I don't reach through social media. And finally will you archive this content for future use. I will run this campaign every month the first week.

What is your websites content lifecycle?

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