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You time vs Work time

Posted on Monday, March 16, 2015 by thomas young

Many of us think we balance our work and life time, but we don't. To be clear work time is time spent working, traveling to and from work and time spent thinking about work while at home or away from work. It's that last phrase that gets you thinking about how much time you really are spending on work.

I have a full time job, run a freelance business out of my home and own a rental property. Yes, I'm a busy body, but I do think about my family and what I could do to be with them more.

One trick to creating a better balance is to draw a line in your day where you will force yourself to stop working and spend time with your family or for yourself. I make time to work out for 15 minutes everyday (I know I should allocate more time :) ) and most nights I eat dinner at the table with my family. At night I try to shut down my work around 8pm to spend a few minutes with my kids before they go to sleep.

Think of your time as a budget and plan accordingly. 

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